Revenge..or a dish best self served

Yup I have finished the rewrite/re edit of book two.  The cover is done adn it is now working its way through the posting process on Amazon, Kobo and Smashwords.  I set the price at $3.99 which is pretty good for a novel.  It totals out to 53K words…which is small compared to some authors but a long book for me.

Dark, filled with a lot of things that will probably brother readers who are more into light fantasy, I think this is a great effort on my part.  I go into more of how Loralil thinks in her and why she is doing this quest.  Yes it is dark, especially near the end but I am not a Gene Wolfe.  The story has light moments, moments of beauty and of course moments of pain.  This is the middle book in this trilogy.  Now Yes I plan on more than three books for Loralil but as the middle book of her early years We do a lot.  The third book will set her up for….oh wait I can’t tell you that now can I?

Those of you who were waiting to get the first book Endings, you better get it soon.  The free offer is almost over.  Same with the first of the Chaos Wars books, Fall Into Nightmares.  Both of them are dark fantasy novels but they come from different places.

Yes i am taking today off of writing.  I spent all day yesterday..and I mean all day working on Revenge.  From 6am till 9pm so I deserve a little time off.  I do plan to dive back into Traveler and see where I can take those characters.  That story is definitely lighter than the last few I have done.  No torture, not deaths (so far) just good old fashioned fantasy with a twist.  I hope to finish that by Easter.  And I will if Harry doesn’t raise his head and demand a new story or my friend at the space station wanting to tell a few more tales…something about matre gras in space…


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