Amazon and so called real writers

Okay this one is a vent, letting you know in advance.

On the discussion boards there are many different topics but the one that burns my butt is these so called people who have to find new and interesting ways to segregate or even trash people.  The big thing is to trash any and all writers who are SPA or self published authors.  The newest way is to say that obviously if you give a book or story away that you are not a real writer, that you are a hobbyist.  That you sould not be on Amazon because Amazon is a marketplace and should be reserved for REAL writers.  Those who make their living selling their works of art that are published by real publishers and have sales numbers that let you sit back and just write.

Now if you try to convince these people that many if not 99% of writers all have to start somewhere, that they need a place to expose their work, well you are obviously delusional.  Really?  These people seem to think that authors come out full blown and it is purely their talent that sells the book.  That they did not need to learn the art of writing, of selling and of just telling a darn good tale.  The big authors out there all started out in small press.  Be it the old magazines or in fan fiction or journalism, they all had to learn how to write something that was worth spending money on.

Yes there is pure crap on Amazon, and a lot of it but it is not just found in SPAs.  There are so many books that are put out by publishers big and small that are just not worth the penny to read that it boggles the mind.  But Amazon is a marketplace.  All marketplaces have good and bad and the indifferent.  I liken Amazon to a Troll market in that there is trash and treasure and you must hunt out those gems that you want.

I will probably never sell a million copies of a book, heck I am still working on getting a hundred sales but I am not going to stop putting my work up for people to look at, purchase, read and review.  How can I develop my personal voice if I have no readers?  This is not a hobby for me, this is a dream, a life work and want I was meant to do.  If I wanted a hobby it certainly would not be putting my mind’s children down in print(electronic or paper) for people to make fun of.  I have hobbies.  I crochet, I play video games and I listen to music and sing along.  I write because I need to write, to tell a tale and hopefully make someone look outside themselves and see wonder.

So I consider myself a real writer.  I might not fit these people’s idea of a writer but when you think about it Van Goh painted many brillant masterpieces but only sold TWO of them before his death.  Was he not a painter?

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