Happy Birthday me…or how about a new book?

Yeah I know but I thought why not release a new story on my birthday?  Like i really need an excuse to release stuff but I like to come up with some. I put up one of my older stories, Reality Is A Dream for 99 cents.  This is the fourth of the Beyond Realities stories.  Lots of romance, tension, suspense and a wee bit of science fiction to my fantasy.  Not my usual but hey I like to do lots of stuff right?

Some very nice person bought my poetry book today!  I was glad to see a sale.  Things had ground to a halt so that made my day.  almost as much as my sweet heart making me a dragon birthday card and my littlest giving me two funky little dragons.  I now have one that glows in the dark and a white dragon.

These little guys are part of the army protecting my computer from the forces of the transformers across the room .  Yes readers my house is a bit odd.  My hubby collects Transformers and lately has gotten into the Kreo line.  Now I like this line because of the little mini figures.  I am seriously contemplating a kid type story with the mini dragons and the little lego men battling out to protect their worlds.  Could be cute but not sure I could ever sell that.  Would have to just put it up for free on my website.  What do you think?  Would it be a fun little tale?

Today the temps are ridiculously warm for Canada in January.  We are talking 8 to 10C…now for my American readers think of that as in the 50s!  Way too warm for my birthday!  Not that I am complaining.   No not at all.  Instead of a blizzard like normal it rained this morning.  I had to put up my hood since my umbrella gave up a brave fight in the fall but died trying to keep me dry (another story idea!).  I was a bit wet when I got back from dropping the kid off but it was nice.

Tomorrow of course will make up for the warmth today.  They are talking 15cm of snow..or about 5 inches with the temps taking a drastic reversal back to last weeks cold.  Whiplash weather they are calling it.  Goodness Mother Nature is definitely trying to tell us something this year.  I am sure all the end of the world nuts are rubbing their hands together and saying I told you so!

Really it is just weather and the world is just lining up cycles.  Nothing that hasn’t been seen before, just not in the current generations.

On to work.  Yes today I am not really being a good doobie.  I have sorta read most of Linell Jeppsen’s War of Odds.  A good if a little light YA fantasy.  Yeah a lot of people are loving this story and I can see why.  Her stories are very accessible to most readers.  Compared to my stuff it is air and sunshine.  Okay we know I write darker stuff.  Not as dark as some but darker than these fun little tales of hers i keep reading.

Still hoping for a good review or six (yeah I am greedy) on my stories and books.  Now that I have so much up online it would be nice to see reviews on them all.  Yes i would adore having four and five star reviews but I will of course accept any review I get.  After all it means it was READ.  Okay it doesn’t always but I hope to not get a troll review.  I don’t mind honest reviews that point out something I can fix but a troll..they just hate you for being you.

My rankings have been going up and down more than a kid on a bouncy ball.  I have no clue just where I am in the ranking on Amazon.  It is so much easier to follow the book rank on places like Kobo or B&N.  Not Smashwords but I am not going to complain about them anymore.  I should get my tail in gear and get the rest of my work up over there.  I have done a lot of work over the past ten months and at times I do feel tired.  Who knows where I will be this time next year.  I could still be the unloved new author or I could be a top 1000 selling author, who knows?  I would to see my stories in the hands of happy readers.  I have so much more to tell the world in all my random worlds of wonder.  Next month I have two more shorts and hopefully Revenge to put out and then I will buckle down and start writing much much more.  I will finally get through the backlog of tales and put up things never before seen!  Enjoy!

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