Reading instead of writing

Sometimes you just take time to do something other than be immersed in the worlds inside your head. It helps spark the creative force and hopefully gets you out of what ever stuck place you are in.  Of course it can back fire on you and make you go, why the heck am I writing?  Well luckily for me it didn’t this time but damn I just read some intense work.  I have a few more I have to read through of other writers I chat with but I think I can stop for the night.  After all I have read and reviewed quite a bit over the past two days.  My eyes are crossing a bit.

Now the fun part is I have two people working on covers for Loralil’s next book.  I have my sweet, amazing and very loved and talented hubby who is working on the ebook cover.  A totally from scratch design that will work great as a second book in the series cover.  Something a wee bit darker as the novel is darker than the first was.

Then I have the dear friend of my older daughters who is an artist and is doing a art piece from scratch and it will be the cover for the paperback.  They are both talented artists, in two different mediums.  I wish I could do half of what they are doing for me.

I have work I could be putting up right now but I am waiting.  What am I waiting for?  For someone some where to actually review something I wrote.  Yeah I have a lot of stuff out there but thanks to the change in Amazon’s ranking, tagging and over all searching my sales have died.  They haven’t stalled, they have DIED.  I have a total of four sales on Amazon this month.  Four whole sales.  Okay I have had two on Kobo and four downloads for free on Smashwords but come on.

Yeah I know I am kevetching.  There are times I wonder why I do this to myself.  I am not looking to be a number one best selling author, just want my ranking not to bottom out below DEAD authors!  Really now this is bad.  I have a nice, fresh if odd why of telling tales and people when they read my stuff like it but damn…this is hard on the ego.

Well I just have to submerge myself back into my story telling.  I have work in progress to finish.  So many works in progress that I wouldn’t need to bring my head up for a long time.  But I will.  I hope all my friends who got copies of my work are reading them and hopefully if they like them there will be a one line or more review put up sometime soon.

Enough complaining.  Yes even I know I am being whiny.  I think I will go and do one more final pass through on Revenge, make sure it is as clean a I can make it and then go back to Not To The Grave Go I.


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