spoiled rotten

Okay i mean me tonight.  My sweetie took me out to a fancy restaurant and I have been not working like i should.  Just enjoying the rare three days in a row together but I will get back to working the morning for sure.  I have two stories open on my computer.  Not to the Grave and No More the smiles.  Two stories for the Death Walks Through series of stories.  I should be able to finish Not the the Grave tomorrow and get some more work on the other one, if i can stay in the right mind set.  been trying to decide what to do.  With Red Ghost Rides done I have four Death stories and I have four more to do.  depending on page length it should make a great collection.  I still don’t know the best length for a paperback.  Guess i will work it out once my head is in working mode.  150 to 200 pages would be best but for some reason the Death stories tend to be short.  So I might need to do a dozen to get that many.  Who knows.  Time for me to add up page lengths and see what I have.


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