Its a cold morning for sure

Yup it is.  Last night I gave in and put Love, Loss and Loneliness up on Smashwords.  And the first error I got was you have used the sparbar! times that site is a pain.  Well I fixed all the errors but I don’t know if it will display right on everyone’s ereaders.  The photos look lovely but if you have a black and white viewer like mine they just wont be as nice.

Today the plan is to sit down and type up my notes on the Red Ghost story.  I think the title should be The Red Ghost Rides.  I just came up with a working ending as I was walking back from dropping off the kid to school  Won’t be a long tale but hey that is what I do, short stories.  A bit different than the others in the Death Walks Through series as there is no romance in this ghost story.  Just the ghost of a soldier and his camel…yes I said camel!  I think the end i have in mind will work beautifully.

Looks like the Fae poetry contest is not doing so well.  Counting my piece there has only been three entries.  So I think that one will come back to me and I can use it for the opening of another short story.  Sometimes poems make a great spring board for tales.  Ice proved that after all and look at how many of you have read that story and seemed to have liked it.

Pretty soon the contest that the sequel to Ice, From the Snow, will be closing and people will be voting.  Can’t wait to see how well it does.  And of course can’t wait for the anthology to be put out.  They have asked if my sweet hubby will help with the cover!




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