Formatting poetry and photos

Oh boy is this a pain in the …. I have a lovely collection of poetry and photographs all together now.  Love, Loss and Loneliness is up on smashwords in various formats but oy vey driving me batty.

Some of them look great, others look like my 10 year old did the formatting.  And the worse part is when I went back to work on the doc file it was GONE!  Okay only the smashwords version but I just spent over an hour on the spacing and it went poof!  Just what I didn’t need.

Now I have to calmly take the doc file I have of the main manuscript, fix it up again, find the error that review part of smashwords says is there and fix it then resubmit.  Something about a space bar issue?  Grrrrrrrrrr.

Really what is with that autovetter?  I didn’t use the spacebar to do carriage returns.  Really!

The images look good and most of the poetry is where it is supposed to be but not all of course.

I tried uploading it to kobo first and oh god the issues there.  It kept putting in spaces that I didn’t have between the lines of poetry which of course messed up the alignments.

I am afraid to do the amazon version.  The mobi on smashwords was so messed up!

Well if you readers want a copy you should download the epub or the rtf.  Those seem to be working the best so far.

Back to the saltmine and hope this works.  Why of why did I decide to do both photos and poetry?  Oh yeah right…cause they are really good.


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