It is Wednesday…that means…American Idol is back!

Okay what does that have to do with writing you ask?  No I am not a song writer.  I don’t ryhmn well.  Heck I have trouble spelling it!  but I love music.  I write to music most of the time and American Idol has given me a lot of artists to listen to when I write.  Heck a character in one of my stories is even based off of one of the artists from the past years of the show.

So I will be watching tonight like a good fan and hope this year we get someone good.  I have enjoyed many of the artists who have come out of the show.

Now on the book front.  I just submitted a short story to an online magazine.  That is now the forth story this month to go out to a place other than my log of sales.  Once it is published (any of them that is) I will put up a link to them.  Need to make sure you can all see my stuff since you have been so kind as to follow my blog.

Love, Loss and Loneliness will be coming out on 2/1/13.  Give people enough time to pick up a copy if they wish for Valentine’s Day.  Now not all the poems are all lovey sweet.  Heck there are those that deal with being alone or losing your love but the photos are lovely and they are some of my better poems I think.  Hope you readers are ready.

I am about halfway through the Red Ghost.  It will be another of my Death Walks Through stories.  No romance in this one though which is different from the first three.  Once I finish it I will have to decide if I want to complete the other four that I have started or work on something different.  I have so much to work on don’t I?

Still waiting on the cover for Revenge.  I had hoped to see it sooner than this but I understand that the artist needs time to make it.  After all she is in college and has other things to do.  If she doesn’t have it done by the end of the month I will probably make a temporary cover so I can get it out to the public.  I have stated on my website that I planned on having Revenge out this month.  People seem to like Loralil enough to give the story 4 and 5 stars.  Only one actual review with words but I will take ratings as well on any of my pieces.

When I was working on my website I realized that I had not worked over there in ages.  I know have all my books up and my reviews.  So that part is up to date.  It also reminded me that Knight Protector is only a novella/short story and really needs more in a series.  So I will be tossing around in my overcrowded mind whether or not to write more with those characters.  Yasha and Elinor are a good pairing and a true fantasy style couple.  I am sure I could do more with them now.

I also have tossed out to some of my author friends the option of sending me a pic of their book covers so you might get to see other authors up here on my site soon.


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