Morning world

Well things are moving right along.  Having posted a short story on Linkedin for a contest,  a poem on Goodreads for a contest, on facebook for a contest and submitted another flash story for the SS Wordsmyth love contest, I have just one more to get out to the right place.  A sorta poem for a contest on Sons…yeah that thing i don’t have!  So my brother and his son and grandson inspired me.

Yup been a tad busy.  Then I read in a discussion group about an urbanish legend out in the wild west of the US about camels and a camel soldier in the 1800s who tied himself to his camel after being wounded and dying still tied there..and the camel wandering with him still attached.  Does that sound like a story idea or what!  I mean it would work great for my Death Walks Through series of stories.  Now i just need a little research and I can write it.  Yeah for some reason this month I am FULL of ideas and stories and poems.  I am not complaining for sure.  I love feeling energized to write.

I have recieved and given reviews in the past week too.  You can check them out over on my webiste.

Lots of fun stuff there if you look around.  Got poem videos, book trailers, reviews of my work, my reviews of other people’s work.  Got reviews of movies and tv shows, poetry and links of course to my BOOKS!

Okay time to decide what to work on next.


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