Busy day today

Well I can tell I am feeling better.  I managed to finish up two short stories for different contests and a poem for a third.  Posted up another on yet another contest.  Now I just have to think about what to do next. 

Been thinking of diving back into one of my longer works.  After all even if I have no readers I have stories to tell.  There are characters who are pounding on the door wanting to have their stories told to someone right?

Sales are still slow but heck A Watery Grave got downloaded by someone.  That is a good thing in my book.  As did Christmas Snow.  Now if someone will download Halloween Pranks I bet I could have reviews on the whole of the Guardian Tales that are all ready out!  I don’t have a clue on what to write for Harry next but he can wait for a bit right?  Though one or two more and he will be ready for a collected book.

I put the Guardians of the Gate city stories over on Smashwords and three of them have passed through the premium catalog all ready.  For some reason the first two are still pending.  Weird but it happens.  Once they are through then they will be up on places like Barnes and Noble and ITunes.  Would be nice if someone somewhere would buy them and review them.  Okay so I have a goal of at least one sale per story and one review per story right now.  Yes when I get there then I will move my goal up to something like 10 sales per story.

My poetry book is nearly ready.  Just have to figure out a cover for it.  The photos don’t necessarily go with the poems but they set a mood.  The poems are mostly darker than not but well they are me.  If this one does well I will think about another collection.  Course I would need a ton more good photos to do it justice.  Right now I am just not inspired to go out in the cold and snow to take photos even if they could be really good.  Maybe later in the week. 

So much to do and so little idea of what I should do!


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