Happy 2013 everyone

Yep a new year is here so we all have new ideas and resolutions to make and things to do.  Okay I was sick in bed and didn’t make them yesterday but I can make them today right?

I plan on the following

1: Finish up Destiny’s story, Traveler, Wind lover and of course a bunch of short stories

2: Sell all of the above and hopefully sell at least one copy of every title I have published

3: Get at least one review on each title I have published.  No I will not buy reviews, just hope that readers feel moved to write me reviews.

4: Correct editing issues on all ready published stories if I can

5: put out a poetry book

Yeah I know all work related but my love life is perfect, my home life is really good and my health is getting better I guess.  I have been loosing weight nice a slow, so I think that will keep going right?

6: Talk to my older daughters a lot more on Skype.  I miss those kids of mine

Now for something cool.  I have been put into an online magazine.  Just a nice little bit that another author does for people.  It is a great little piece and you can see it here.  I’m on page two


I will soon also have a character interview for Knight Protector, which will be interesting.  Anyone else who would like to interview me can contact me and I will answer most questions.

Now I need to get myself in gear and finish up the New Years flash story I had planned on putting up before I got so sick.  And of  course the end of the world story  I was supposed to do for the facebook writers group.  Teach me to get sick.  Once I get those done I have to decide if I will submit a poem or a story to the SS Wordsmyth’s valentine story contest….


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