Pay attention to the web

You know when you plan on being a writer you need to keep an eye out for comments on your work.  Just checking one site will not give you everything that is being said.  Now I don’t have a lot of talk on my work yet but finding a review on Goodreads that didnt come from Amazon was very nice.

I have been lazy as heck on the writing front the past week.  Now this is not at all a wonder what with Christmas shopping, baking, making etc.  Too much to do and not enough time right?

I have two things in process.  One for an anthology about the end of the world and one a flash fiction I will toss up on my website.  Something quick and fun for New Year’s eve.  If I can get myself in gear.

With a sick kid I might not get these done but we will see.

I added a poem to a collection that a bunch of us author types did for the Family of Sandy Hook Elementary.  The collection has gone live and anyone interested to picking up a copy you can go here:

This is a collection of poetry, short stories, artwork and commentary.  All proceeds are going to the charity, which you can also find online.

Next up after the two stories above that I need to work on is a short story/poem for a valentines day contest on the Starship.  Can I do a new one or should I send over some of my poetry?

Now I was thinking last night/this morning about how to do the poetry book that a few people have asked me about.  Again we will see.  That will take a lot of work to get together but we will see.


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