Merry Christmas mostly

First off Merry Christmas everyone!  Yes it is a good day for most of us.  Hope you are all having a good day today.

Morning started out slower than I am used to with kids.  But the presents went over well.  I even got a new ereader!  I am very happy and now i just have to get all my files switched from mobi to epub…can do just takes time but I can finally get caught up I think!

Then the down side.  Munchin has a lot of ear pain which means one ear infection.  No clinics open today so her dad got them a ride and he is off to the hospital to get it looked into.  I should have known it was coming what with her not eating and not playing but well I was hoping not.  Yeah it isn’t horribly bad but the poor kid is miserable and doesn’t want to play with her new dolls.

Feels weird to not be the one taking her to get looked at.  Well at least he understands she is in pain and not happy at all.  So I get to sit at home and wait till they come back.  This may take half the day but we can hope not right?


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