A Possible sale

Okay not quite what you are thinking.  I am debating putting most of my titles on sale for the week leading up to Christmas for 99 cents each.  Now that will exclude Naughty Interludes because that it with a publisher but include everything else.  Yep that would mean that for a week if you were interested you could even get Endings for that low low price.

Now I don’t expect it will do a lot but it might just get a few readers willing to pay the price for my book and read it.  Sales are picking up a bit.  right now I stand to two sales less than the whole of last month.  I want to do better of course.  After all last month there was a total of 8 sales period.  Not a lot.  Heck at this rate I will see my first royalty check when I turn 50.

So any of you readers who might be interested just let me know.  Should I drop the prices for a week?


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