December is here and I am a BOTM author

Yup that wonderful time of the year is here.  Snow has stopped falling at hte moment, there is a blue jay hoping from tree to tree outside and People are actually reading my stuff!  Okay people have read my stuff before but mostly those I know.  There are people from who knows where and it makes me happy.  I’m getting some sales and some reviews and even some comments.  Makes me a happy camper.

I was sure i would be in the brown bar of shame club for at least the next few weeks but some very nice person over in England bought a copy of Endings overnight!  I love the English.  Course I love anyone who wants to read my work.  Heck on Thursday some nice person from Germany bought a copy of my most reviewed story, Partings.  And some few people have been downloading Shadows over on Smashwords.  And YES Distance and Shadows made it through the gauntlet to the premium catalog.  Not that I put Shadows there but well it is there.  If someday I decide to take it off of just one place I can do it.

Typed up the notes on Christmas snow and I have an idea now how to make it less tragic.  Which is good. I have to do a lot of work but I have been a bad little writer.  Instead of writing all day I have been promoting my work, posting poems up on facebook and working on hats and scarves for the local kiddies for Christmas.  Yeah I crochet and sorta knit too.  Gives me a warm feeling to have things to give people.  And what is better than simple hats and scarves right?  Especially in a cold and snowy place like Canada.

Okay time for me to get back to work.  Here is hoping that the day stays sunny and the birds keep playing


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