OMG I got selected!

Yup I am now the proud owner of the December Goodreads Fantasy book of the month!  That is just mind blowing.  Endings deserves the readers and I am glad it got picked but I will admit I am a tad scared.  After all I wrote it a while ago and I am sure it has issues in the grammar department.  I just hope the story telling overwhelms the bad bits.  It is a dark story, what with starting with rape and torture and destruction but there is love and redemption in it as well.  and of course the lead into the sequel Revenge.  If I don’t get ripped to pieces it should be interesting.

Christmas Snow has found a path away from the really sad ending I was worried about.  Still will be close though.  We will see how this goes.  Looks like it will be a longer Harry story though.  If it gets as long as I think I might just combine the Guardian tales with five stories instead of six.  I am sure there are those who would rather read them in a paperback instead of the sbook versions that I have been doing.

I am slowly gathering fans of my poetry too it seems.  When I commented on one poetry group that I will probably only post poems every few weeks he got upset.  Whoa for my short and not at all rhyming poetry?  Cool.  You never know do you?

I went and fixed both Distance and Shadows for Smashwords.  Okay as much as I hate doing their fixes this time Shadows really did need it.  I could not believe the amount of errors that file had!  I fixed all the typos and formatting issues, removed the bolding that snuck in and then put in the right headers.  Here is hoping it gets approved.  Distance, well I fixed the spacing and again the bolding.  Wish I knew where that was coming up in my files.  I will just have to make sure they are not there on the next tale I put up there.

well time to go back to writing and hoping to get lots of it done.


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