The day before Cyber Monday

Okay I know but when you think about it I have a lot of work out there that would do well if people knew about it on cyber monday.  People are expected to shop on line and spend a ton of cold hard cash.  I would love if a little tiny bit of it came my way.  It would make life a little easier.

Course I am not sure how I would know if it happens or not.  I have been very confused by Amazon lately.  My ranking as an author has been bouncing up and down like mad.  I meant by thousands of spots.  I keep going from 200K to 800K to 45K to 800K to now 126K.  Now on amazon the lower the number the better you are doing.  My ranking has bounced so much that the chart they give you to keep track looks like a line of W.  Which is confusing.  Then when I go look at my books I had more than half of them showing a rise in ranking anyhere from 8- points to well nearly a million (yeah Gates was way bad and now way good) but I see no sales on my report.  Narery a one.  Okay there was one for Partings on the German Amazon page..that was weird but nothing else.  All I can think is that reporting is off till after Cyber Monday.  I would adore coming online Tuesday morning and seeing a bunch of sales.  I don’t expect them but I would love seeing them.

Then there is the email I got from a guy on linked in who said he was reviewing All That There Was and giving it four stars.  Not a clue where he was doing the review though.  I don’t see it on Amazon, Kobo, or Goodreads.  Now I am not sure, there are a few other places my work has shown up but I just don’t know where else to look.  Would be nice to have a clue right?

I did get a really nice review for Night and Day thought.  James Anderson, a writer who is a Canadian read it and put down that my work is like a palate cleanser, perfect for reading between longer books.  Yes that is a compliment.  And I loved it.

Well the snow seems to be over at the moment.  I think.  We got quite a bit and the kids have been in and out, tracking snow and mud everywhere.  And drinking up lots of my hot chocolate.  Good thing I put in a big stash last season huh?

I typed up the notes I had worked on for Christmas Snow.  3715 words down so far.  Not a lot compared to some authors but Harry’s tales are supposed to be short.  This one may end up longer but we won’t know till i get it done.  I need to put on my Christmas music and dig in but since the hubby is home and the kids are in and out I will sit down and work on it tomorrow.  Hopefully get a lot done while I am alone.

Now I should work on Traveler.  Yes i know it is nearly the end of November and there is no real way for me to write 25K in the few days left but well I did say I was going to work in this one and make a novel out of it.  I think I know where to go now so it will move along.  Time to get more into the mind of the villain of the piece.  I have pretty much set up the heroes after all and the secondary heroes/players.  I need to keep the romantic feel to this story I think.  It is not quite as dark as my other stuff and i think that is a good thing.  After all Nightmares is dark, Endings was darker, Revenge is darker still.  Course when you have characters raped, tortured and killed that is what happens right?

Hope you all have had a great holiday and have a great week.  I will try to blog a bit more than I have been.  Time just gets away from you when you are not looking.  Oh yeah.  If you want to see what poetry I have playing around out there you can go to my google plus blog page, here:

I will also be adding my super shorty short space station stories to my website some time today.  The stories are going to be sticking to under 600 words I think.  Just little drabbles that are fun for a holiday.  So far there is one for Halloween, which is available in two different short story collections out there and then there is one for Christmas.  Yeah I missed thanksgiving.  I will get that one done after I finish up the New Year’s Eve one that hit me between the eyes.  Have fun reading folks!


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