Finishing work and starting new

Well I got When Shadows Rise up on Smashwords.  It is of course going to be free and it has had 25 downloads over night so that is a good thing.  It is actually quite a big story.  Over 300 pages that I wish I could have reworked to do as an actual totally original novel but well htat is okay right?  It is up, people who would not normally read fan fiction are reading it and that makes me happy.  If they like it they may just go ahead and read the other stuff.

I finished writing up a quick like Christmas story for the SS Wordsmyth collection my writers group is doing and sent it off.  Just a shorty short that is pretty much like a sequel to the Halloween story I did for the collection that was done.  Having fun writing a science fictiony little flash fiction series.  I just might do one for New Years next.  We will see.

Now I am sitting down and working on another Harry story.  For some reason my friend the Guardian just wants another story told.  I am not sure once this is done if I will release it separately or if I will just put it in the collection of Guardian tales I have planned on releasing all together.  Who knows?

Traveler is currently taking a break for editing.  After all ti will give me a chance to come up with where to take it next.  I have gotten Edana past the release of her fire nature.  I think I need to go into just what the two ancients had been doing between getting cursed and the blade being broken.  That should take up some space right?

I need to work on a cover for Nightmares soon.  One more read through on that and i think it will be ready to publish next month.  And then of course i need to do a cover for Revenge and get that ready for publication in January.  And then well I can work on that poetry book.  Maybe.  Who knows right?  So much to do.  And the hardest part is deciding just how many stories are needed in a collection.  I have some tales for Echoes of Elder Times and Worlds apart but I am holding them for now.  We will see what happens.  First I need to see some sales somewhere.

Right now I have 3 sales on Amazon and 1 on Kobo.  I really hope things pick up soon.  Okay back to work.

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