time to sit down and kick butt

Yes you can do both.  After all I am a writer.  Now I have been busy dong so much that I don’t get the right amount of writing done like I should.  So today after I finish picking up all the packaging from my daughter’s birthday presents I am going to write.  Traveler is being a bit of a difficult mess right now.

Trying to figure out how to stretch yet not pad a story is not something I am really good at.  I like to write as it goes.  Now this one has potential to get to novel length but will i be able to stretch it to the 50K that the nano program says we have to have by the 30th?  I will see of course.  Trying to do research while you are writing is always tricky but when you aren’t sure just what to look for it can be tricky.

I need an acid that will partially dissolve the stone priestess but can be carried in a container that you would find in a fantasy medieval style world that would not be too big.  Took time to work that out.  A lot of people think that when you write fantasy you can just make things up from the whole cloth but I try to make things that aren’t too stupid.

Well the halloween collection from the amazon discussion group is actually doing rather well.  The nice thin about a collection like this is that when it does well it helps rise the ranking of the authors included.  I know my rank has gone up.  And it should hopefully lead some people to trying out my work.

Today I will be working on travel but also on a couple other things.  There is the upcoming Christmas collection from the spaceship.  Now this can be anything christmas related.  I posted a poem but I think i will also write a story.  It has an upper limit of 1500 which is a it easier for me.

The other thing is a facebook group that is doing a little competition for a short story/poem that is under 250 words and is about mothers and daughters/fathers and sons.  I have a lovely little poem…okay not so little.  It is one of my longer ones but it is about aging and mothers to grandmothers.  Should be interesting to see if they like it.
Time to get to work


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