I’m a bad writer…well not really

See on nanowrite you are supposed to just sit and write so many words per day.  No going back and editing, spell checking etc but well…I CAN’T!  *chuckle* I have to go back over things and fix my boo boos..maybe this is why my works seems more finished than people expect.  I went back thorugh and reread over what I typed up yesterday.  Fixed the typos and did a quick edit before I ran out to do errands.  Yes I plan on writing more stuff this evening.  I will pick up my daughter from school, come home and get the cupcakes started for her movie thing tomorrow and then curl up with a blanket on the couch and work.
I have broken the curse on the blade and now to save the fire maid who had no idea just what she was.  I have broguht the two ancients into the scene and it should be interesting.  This story is barreling along.  If it doesn’t meet the 50K rule at the end of hte month, oh well.  I am not going to force my stories to be longer just to meet a word count.

I have an idea where it will be going.  Yes it jumped the rails of my tentative outline but then they all do.  I am not an author who makes up an outline and then writes form it.  I know the basics of how the story has to go by the opening scene that comes to me.  This story like many others started as a dream that wouldn’t go away but it has a life of its own like most of what I right.  Edana is more than a courier and more than the sum of her parents blood lines.  The fact that she has no idea just what she is can be a good thing.  The hero being a full blooded elf/pooka just makes it more fun I think.  He is no more likely to follow what people expect of him than she is.

Not sure what to do at the moment.  The Fire lord regaining his outward form from the breaking of the curse is a good thing, especially as he learned important lessons over the centuries cursed.  But now my villain, she just got more arrogant.  Just what you want in a good villain.  Arrogant, viscious and determined to rule things her way.  And if you get in her way, well you didn’t really need to live now did you?

once I get past the piece in the cottage I think I will be able to extend things.  Originally I had planned on this scene coming much later but it barreled its way right to my attention.  So I iwll have to work out the ending.  After all I want to try to make this more than a 20K story.  We will see of course.


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