Harder than you think

Working on Traveler for the nanowriter November contest.  When given a set amount of words a day I find myself going..umm…errrr.  Yeah well I can write, that is obvious but writing to an arbitrary schedule in a way I don’t normally write is weird.  My words are getting stuck at the moment.  I will just have to change how it works.

I have written almost 16K so far on Traveler and I am not sure it will reach 50K by the end.  I don’t want to pad it but this feels like it is galloping toward its finale faster than expected.  Well if it does finish before I reach 50K I can always restart work on Destiny.  After all that story has 22K in the box all ready.

I need to let things perk in my mind and then read over what I did all ready.  Maybe something will shake loose.

Now an interesting thing is a discussion that sorta revolved around what is considered novel length.  There is one writer/reader who is looking for 90K in a manuscript.  Now I have written only one thing that topped 50K and that was Shadows.  That actually came up to a total of 111K.   That is a lot of words for a a fan fiction.  I have read longer of course but maybe I should do like EL James and rework it to make it a stand alone novel?  Taking out the elements of Sailor Moon and Ranma would be weird I think.  After all it explains the powers that Suteko has and why she became who she is.  But well that is a thought and task for another day.

I have started the process of putting together a book trailer for Endings finally.  Finding images is the hard part really.  After all you won’t find elves wandering around at the nearby creek.  Most of my trailers and book covers have been done with images of my photography.  Now I can work some of them and the image that I made of Loralil could be used but I need more than one picture of an elf to do a trailer right?   I can hope that once it is done that people might get interested in reading that work of mine.


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