A new and cold day

Yup fall is definitely with us.  As I type this I have on hand warmer.  Yes just one because i can’t find the other one.  Funny thing is I don’t have it on my bad wrist.  For some reason my left hand is much colder than my right.

Well on to work.  Thanks to the November 50K challenge I have finally decided to work on Traveler again.  I have 10K+ up on that site and I have about 8 pages of notes to type up from yesterday.  The idea with the challenge is to write 50K in 30 days.  And that is all, write.  No editing, revising etc.  Just write the words and go back and fix your typos etc next month.  I have a real problem working that way.  We all know I typo and then fix in the same sitting but oh well we will see what happens.

Not too happy with the wording I have at the moment but well that is just me.  I will get it to flow the way I like soon.  I hope.

So far I have been lazy today.  I reviewed a few poems on facebook and then finished reading James Anderson’s Scorpion and reviewed it on Amazon.  I think I will do a bit of reading yet this morning.  Finish reading up Sam Kates Pond Life and review it before I type and write.  Maybe put up some movie reviews on my livejournal account.  Also going to start reviewing albums and songs over on my myspace account.  Silly aren’t I?

Here is hoping that the motivators of the story in Traveler can come across as what they are.  Vane, shallow and self centered monsters who pretty much destroyed an entire culture of creatures for their petty sins.  Okay that sounded a wee bit much.  I will work on it!


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