New Month same old confusion

Well it is November now.  As far as I can tell sales last month tanked big time.  I went from 30 odd in September to 13 in October.  Ouch is all I can say.  Yeah everyone is having trouble but I had hoped for better.  Guess that is the way it goes right?
When I got up this morning I decided to see if anything sold over night.  You know those Halloween stories I wrote after all.  I have the brown bars of shame, as the other authors call no sales, showing up right now across the board.  So ouch..but on an up side I got one of those emails from Amazon where they suggest books and somehow Endings was right there on the top!  Now i know they make those sorta personalized to the account but it would be cool if I was the top on other peoples emails right?  Some of them might just order it!  And then I checked my author rank and somehow I climbed up 100,000 in rank.  Now how did that happen with no sales from well over a week ago?  I am not sure I have a clue.  But it did make me feel better.

I started working on Traveler again.  Since I got talked into the November writers challenge I figured I can work on this story again.  It had been a while since I worked on it and it is very different than what I have up so far.  I have about 10K all ready in the can so to speak.  Now to jar it back into work and get past the lead in I made.
I hope people will like this one.  It is very different from the shorts I have put up.  After all it should be a nice long novel length thing.  Okay time to get myself in gear and work.  While I do have two complete novels and more shorts ready to post it would be good to keep things moving along and finish up as many of the pending stories I have waiting for completion.


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