Another day another promo

Well A Watery Grave went up for free promo today.  Just in time for the release of Halloween Pranks and Mischief tomorrow.  Here is hoping by having it up free people will be intrigued and pick up the next in the series.  I have been flogging all over Amazon and Facebook.  Doing my best to make sure that at least the titles are out there for people to see with the links.  After all this month has been slower than slow.  Less than half the sales of last month.  Now I don’t expect a lot of sale but it would be nice to stay steady right?  Here is hoping that the coming holidays give me a nice boost.

Came up with an idea for the next Guardian Tale…yeah I know i have a ton of other things I should and could be working on but Harry is a busy guy and likes having his stories told.  With the Frankenstorm in the news everywhere I thought hey..why not a story set with how he would have to help all his contacts during one of the blizzards that are common in NH.  Of course being fictional it would have to be a Frankenstorm to really make it hard on people right?
The trailer for Halloween Pranks and mischielf seems to be a good draw so far.  It has more hits any ways.  Yeah none of my videos have gone viral.  Heck the most popular one on Youtube for me is A Flight of Dragons.  But that is kinda expected.  After all we are talking dragons right? Gotta love them.

Now I have ot decide what to work on.  Should I write, edit, make covers, make videos, sort poetry to be posted and or published or just go be a domestic diva and do laundry and or cook up muffins and brownies.  Oh the joys of being busy.  Guess we will see.

And on another note I know that a lot of you read this to see just who silly my crazy mind is but I thought I could post tags for some of my favorite friends on the boards.  After all there are so many other writers who need a little notice too!

So for my first plug I thought I would do Joanne’s Why Whisper?  A truly epic book about a mother dealing with the pain and loss of her son after he committed suicide.  Joanne is a very eloquent writer who brings you through the pain and the days that a mother goes through.  So many have read her works and given her stellar reviews that having it on my blog is just a way of applauding her courage in writing this.

Here is the blurb in her own words:

Many books address how to live with the death of a loved one. Why Whisper, faces the more arduous task of living with yourself. Suicide seizes more than one life. It takes some life from everyone around it. When Joanne Mazzotta’s 32 year old son Danny took his own life, part of her died with him. In this gripping account of one mother’s journey alongside grief, Joanne bares her soul and her skeletons to bring us an honest and insightful look at addiction, loss, hope, suicide, and the enduring power of love.
You can get this book in either Kindle format or in paperback.  I would say this is a great book to get for parents, siblings and those who are studying psychology.  Here are the link for the kindle edition


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