The best resource

Now the best resource for a writer is another writer.  They know the programs you need to work with, they can tell you when you do something like switch the character names back and forth and they know that chapter numbers should be numerals and not spelled out.  All this from one of my author friends.  This is going to help Nightmares to be a more professional story.  She even spotted two sentences that I had left open by mistake.

Now other little things is when you change computers you loose programs.  I needed to switch from doc to pdf and my pdf program was missing that function!  SO off the the web I went.  Luckily there are now pages that you can do that right online.  So that file is fixed.

Sales have been deader than dead in the past week.  I was worried until others stated they were having the same problem.  Not a good thing but at least it isn’t just me right?  I noticed even the free promos are barely moving.  Here is hoping that we see an uptick by the end of the month.  But I have a feeling it wont be till closer to thanksgiving US that is.

Once I get Nightmares read and edited I will be happy.  I started working on Wind Lover again and it should move along to a more paranormal romance than paranormal erotica story.  At least that is the goal.

And on a seasonal note I need to get Halloween Pranks read through once more to make sure it is ready for release next week.  Here is hoping it actually sells.

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