Another day another book

Okay life is getting interesting.  I had not expected to find my new erotic collection up yet on Amazon.  I had just given everything to the publisher but he had it up with a cover that I didnt pick but I dont mind.  So there is now a collection of eleven erotic stories with all kinds of fun stuff.  Some have been seen before on literotica and some are totally new.  And at the price of $2.99 that ain’t bad.

Hoping it will sell well.  That is all I can hope for really.  Like Gates I wont be able to look up how many copies are sold on a daily basis like I can with Amazon and Kobo but I will still hope I see a nice little royalty check some day.

I told you readers before that I have had a poem selected for a free collection going up on amazon later this month.  Now I have a flash short fiction going into a Halloween collection that will be over on Smashwords at the end of the month also.  Again a free collection but it is only six hundred or so words so I don’t mind.  Kinda cool to get my stuff out there for people to read.  Same reason that once I have time I will put Sins and Shadows over on Smashwords for people to find and read and hopefully enjoy.

My website is slowly starting to look more professional.  Which is a good thing right?



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