Is it a wasted day?

I have been catching up on my discussion groups and okay watching Predator with my hubby instead of writing, editing, making trailers and covers and all the stuff a good working writer should be doing but is it really wasting time?  You learn a lot on writer/poet discussion groups.

I will be posting the cover and trailer for Halloween pranks and mischief over on the book page in a little bit if anyone is interested.  Be glad to have that one out for people to read soon.

Picked up two more reviews this morning from a reader with the handle Cphe.  While she pointed out my booboos (which is important in my view of reviews) she still gave me nice four stars on both stories.  Not sure she likes the length but well we know by now dear reader that I write short stuff.  My longer stuff is out there but I doubt she has found them yet.  She reviewed two of my under 20 page things.  Glad she read them.

Death was the Bargain and The Words That Bring Peace are both on free download right now.  Last days they will be part of the KDP free promos.  I figured get them all done while I could.  The promos are moving slowly but that doesnt surprise much.  I have less sales than I like but I have some, which is good.

My most recently posted poem on the poet group on facebook got a couple of nice comments.  Nice to think that poets like my short and too the point words.  Heck I put up what  I thought of as a totally unfinished poem and they said it felt finished and like a hiaku!  That was cool.  That I will have a poem in a collection of other poets is also cool.

Looked like no one noticed my entry in the halloween short story contest on the space station.  I was hoping to get a comment but no one mentioned it.  Oh well.  It was a little silly but I think we needed a silly.  While all the entries are really really good most of them are really dark.  Need one or two light ones to make it easier to go on the the darkness.  Still don’t know if Lin got more for her scary doll contest.  For a while I was the only one!

Okay now a friend, Massimo asked me to add his widget to my blog.  Got to figure out how to do that.  I might just put it on my website instead but we will see

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