New Week

Well the weekend was a wash up for me writerwise.  Spending most of your time staring into space because of a cold/flu is not the best way to relax.  I did not writing, hardly any flogging of my work, didn’t even really cook or clean.  but I am feeling a bit better.  I keep expecting a nasty cough to hit me but so far nope.

Now I need to get a cover made up for Halloween Pranks and Mischief.  Two weeks to the release for that.  Hopefully I will see an uptick on sales.  From what I am reading sales are way down for everyone.  Now some people are blaming free books, others are blaming indie authors.  Me I blame the fact that there is a giant political thing going on.  Everyone is busy watching the silly races and debating who is doing worse.  Wish it wasn’t so but reading for fun takes a hit when there are things like a Presidential election going on.

I did pick up some reviews which makes me happy.  Evey review, no matter if they like it or not shows that someone read it. I have been lucky enough not to get hit with those nasty one star never read it but I hate it reviews that some of the other authors I talk to have.  I think i would probably cry for a while and then write more.

Okay hopefully today I can get back into writing something today.  If not writing I can always go back over Nightmares and of course Pranks and Mischief.  Get them all cleaned up for publication.  My beta readers are being a pain right now.  Well not a pain.  Just not reading the story like I asked.  Really doesn’t take that long to read my work.


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