Sick yet busy

Well I think I have my hubby’s cold.  Oh well can’t let it stop me for long.

Send the contract for what is tentatively titled Naughty Interludes to the publisher.  Now to wait for him to get back to me on edits and a cover.  Not sure when that will come out but it is a start.

Distance got its first review yesterday.  A nice five star review to add to my list.  It was a nice surprise to go with Test of Trust getting reviewed also.  I put them up on my review brag page over on my website.  which is:

Now that is a work in progress but hopefully it will drive sales on my work.

Speaking of work, just finished up Never Pack Them Away.  This is the scary doll flash story that one of my writer friends is doing a contest for.  We had to write a short under 1000 word story on scary dolls.  Not sure how scary it is but I hope it gets a chill or two out there.

Not sure what I am going to work on today.  I joined a poetry group on Facebook and put up one I wrote over the weekend for Samhaim and it was well received, which was nice.  Poets can be tougher than writers  I think.  They tend to be more on the rules of writing.  And we know none of my stuff really fits those rules.

Well I think once I send over my short I might just curl up on the couch, make some mittens with my new loom and veg watching tv.  The coughing makes my head pound hard and it is difficult to write when your head doesn’t cooperate.


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