What a wet morning

Well the plan to sit back and write for a bit got derailed by kaylan forgetting her lunch.  Had to run it over to her and now I am soaked.  Course she called to tell me she forgot her glasses too.  It figures right?

Well I am going to sit back and write in a bit.  After all need to do a few shorts.  I figure I will write fora bit, then edit some and then take and put up the stories i want to release for 10/11/12…a good day for a release right?  I have three or four I can use.

I need to contact the publisher on my erotic book.  After all it has been a week.  Time to start pushing stuff.  I have flogged a few books all ready this morning.  Sales are slow so far.  Now I know it might just be the holiday weekend but we will see.  I have hit up a few new places to let people know of my work.  I really want to at least have the same amount of sales as last month.

Time to write


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