TGIF everyone

Well another Friday is upon us.  Yeah I haven’t been blogging like I should.  Just been out of sorts for the week but I am back.  Got up and made those little donut bites that I am thinking need to have variety now.  Time to expand the cooking repertoire right?  Well this weekend I will be trying to do a pie crust from scratch and making a new cookie recipe.  Yeah I have to do muffins and brownies like always but those are pretty good.

On the publishing front I am waiting for the follow up on the manuscript I sent over to the English publisher.  I hope he gets back to me early next week on any changes we need to make and what to do for the cover.  It will be nice having yet another book out there.  Oh yes and Endings is now in the premium catalog on Smashwords.  Whoa did that take a while to get right.  It kept telling me that the text was bolded.  Nothing in the file was but I went back three times and finally just highlighted the whole thing, hit the bold button on and then off.  That seemed to work.  It would be nice to see Endings selling someplace other than Kobo…not that I am complaining about sales anywhere.

And speaking of sales so far I have one this month.  A Night of Love, an erotic short over on kobo sold a copy.  Yipee.  Okay so one sale of a short story isn’t much but with my free download doing so poorly I am beginning to wonder if I have lost momentum all ready.  Can’t have that right?

I have started downsizing some of my photos for use in a poetry/photography book.  I figure I will do 30 to 50 for a start.  Yeah seems like a lot to me but my poems are short mostly and to the point.  Kinda like my stories.  This could be interesting.  Yet another thing for me to put out to the world.  I know i should find a niche and stick to it but I just can’t seem to do that.  I like doing lots of weird little things.  Yes i would love to make enough money to help pay the bills here but I write to write and all I can do is hope that people want to pay to read my stories and poetry.  That is all I can do.

Now i am still working on Harry’s new Halloween story.  He is being recalcitrant.  Drives me nuts by bouncing along and adding in these odd characters.  What can I do though?  He is writing this story, I am just his fingers.  Yeah Harry is my character but he took control of his story from the very first sentence.  A lot of my characters do that.

Okay well I have photos for over on windows of my mind and I need to do some reviewing on livejournal.  So look for my weird comments.  This commenting everywhere can get confusing but fun.

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