October was starting slower than a snail or glue.   I was beginning to wonder if last month was a fluke but then someone bought something.  Finally.  Over on Kobo, which is nice.  Bought the erotic story i put over there which was more than nice.  Now I saw a little movement on the free promo but barely.  Only a total of 26 downloads.  That was more than horrible.  I just have no idea how to get All That There Was out for readers.  One review and I would be glad.  Just so I know someone read it.  I had one reader type say because it is story two in a series people were probably not downloading.  Okay that made sense but well..they were not buying it either.  I know the first one got bought and read and it is a stand alone.  Oh well.  I have some notes to type up, a couple of poems and some photos to upload.  Time to get my butt in gear again


4 comments on “finally

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