Better now

Lack of sleep can really mess you up.  I had to give in and lie down yesterday so didn’t get much done.

Woke up to a few sales and an email from a publisher that wants to publish my erotic tales.  Now they need 30k in story/stories which at the moment I really don’t have but well I can work on it depending on how fast they need it.  They have a good royalty split and they will market the work.  Which is really nice.  So see what I can do.

So much more to do.  Between writing Harry’s story for halloween and editing Nightmares for December I now need to write up more erotic stories for a publisher.  Damn  I am gonna be busy which is a good thing.  Definitely what I need.  If they are willing to give me time I can get a good story together and get my name out even more.  I am enjoying being a published author.  Something I wasn’t sure about.   Now I find I like it.  Being able to give people I don’t know a world to read about is fun.
Okay time to buckle down and work.  I made cookies so the house smells like fresh cinnamon.  Love the smell and I need to create.


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