Its so weird

Thanks to the hubby’s messed up schedule I am not walking the kid to school this morning, he is.  So I am sitting here going hmmmmm what to do. I finished and submitted my odd and funny little tale for the flash fiction contest so I should dive back into my Harry story.  It is moving along nicely.  A child ghost is a little different.  And the real monster is in the basement.  Cliche I know but heck i can twist it about right?

Now I have thought of working on something a bit less fantasy a bit more real.  Not sure if I can get it past a page or so but I will let it mull.  I know I have a good depressing movie of the week style story in there which would probably sell a bunch of copy but do I want to expose that to the world?  I don’t know.

Got the erotic story up and available on Kobo.  The cover is a little dark but you can clearly see the naked male chest.  Hopefully it will get some action so I can post the others in that series.  Put Endings up on Smashwords.  Well mostly.  I am having trouble figuring out where the so called indents are in the file.  I don’t see a one but i will look again later.  I figured I might as well have it on as many sites as I can.  Sold three on Kobo which was nice.  And it seems even though it is just on smashwords main site a copy is in someones library..and it isn’t mine!

Now that is something I am not sure what it means.  Did that person pay for a copy?  If so where does that show on the report?  I swear it just isn’t as easy to understand over there.  But if it moves goody.  I said if I got five sales of Endings I would release Revenge in January.  It looks like i better do the cover soon.

And speaking of covers, spent the evening getting a paperback cover together for Distance.  I figured why not?  People like their erotica and maybe it will sell.  I know have three paperbacks on createspace to go with the one from Just Fiction.    I don’t think Gates is going anywhere.  Or at least not on Amazon.  Might be selling on B&N or KOBO or even Apple but no way of knowing with it right?

Okay back to work.  I need to port over the nice (and bad) reviews I have to my new website, work on Harry’s story and type up other notes.  Gonna be a long day.


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