weirdness and politics

Well interesting mail keeps a comming. (no jokes please)  A publisher contacted me about possibly handling some of my work.  Okay not so odd right?  The fact that they contacted me from a site where I post my less than literary work was.  In a feedback email from literotica I got a very nice review of my style and work and an offer to publish some of it.

Now should I take this seriously?  Not sure but I emailed this person back and will see.  I don’t mind tossing the occasional piece off to a publisher.  After all the more exposure (no puns) the better for my words.  We will see if I get contacted back.  If they have a story in mind and don’t want a lot of stuff we can see.

Working on both Harry’s next tale and the flash fiction for a contest over on the boards.  The nice thing about the flash contest is you can, if you win, donate the prize to ST Judes.  Now that I can get behind.  If I won, not saying I will, but if I did I have no trouble having the prize go to help sick kids.  That place does so much for kids.

The tale is a bit lighter than my last few.  Nothing wrong with that right?  After all I have to prove I am not all dark, depressing and mean in my stories.  Too bad I am not in the mood for a bit of writing or even editing today.  Just want to relax, watch a bit of tv (if I can find something to watch that isn’t politics, sports or religion) and drink tea.

Yeah the politics comment.  Just getting sick and tired of hearing people spout off how they are in worse shape and that a dumb..well sorry but a republican is not going to make life better for those without work or hope.  Really guys isn’t going to happen.  And blaming Obama when he has been filibustered all over?  Please grow up.  Politics are broken in the US and there is nothing you can do about it.  This is a case of put your head down and just survive till it gets better.  If they don’t want to work with him then how can you expect him to get work done?

okay enough of that.  I gotta find a proofreader who wants to read my work,  not charge me and let me know if the story works.  I am not expecting someone of professional caliber to edit me, just someone who likes weird fiction to read and say, yeah this works or no it doesn’t.  I can proof read for spelling and grammar and content but does it read well?  Oh well.  I will just have to break it out and read it again come the middle of October and see what I think of it.

Maybe I can do a cover or three today.  Since the trailer I am to help on is on hold till the author tells me what is needed I need to do my own stuff right?  At least I got baking done early today and the chores are humming along.


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