Morning world

And time to try and work hard.  I started a new Harry story for Halloween.  It is flowing pretty good.  Trying for a bit lighter than the last two.  Harry has had it tough.  Halloween, while a time for tricks and treats for humans is more a sacred holiday for the Others.  So they behave..mostly.  So we will see how that goes.

And since the writers on my group have decided to do a Halloween short short flash story contest I have to see if I can do a good compelling short in under 600 words.  It is possible.  We will see.  Course i have the starts of a number of good tales that I could adapt.  Well I will just have to play around and see what I come up with.

A Trap of Eyes has gone live over on Amazon.  Hopefully someone is interested in yet another WEIRD story from me right?  An Evening of Note is still processing over on Kobo and A Night of Love is live on Smashwords.
And I take back all the bad things I said.  I have finally seen a sale in the channels on Smashwords so I can’t be bad about it right?  We will see how the erotica does.  I think I may just post the Pleasant Moments erotic tales over there and see what happens.

Okay time to work.  Can’t bake as sugar and milk are on the shopping list, made the bed, put away the clean clothing, straightened up the bedroom.  Okay I could vaccuum, sweep and wash floors but that will be later today.  It is time to be creative.  Never mind I need to do some covers and think seriously about what I want to do for paperback covers.  And I need to lightly nudge my beta readers for Nightmares.  I want to know if it needs work so I can get going on that too. busy busy busy


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