It’s friday

Been a long week.  I have done stuff, worked on a website, wrote, edited, worked on covers but feels like i haven’t done much.  Might be because this week I have been off.  Tired and achy but I can’t let it slow me down.

The ten pages of notes i typed up yesterday need to be read through and edited of course.  Fixing typos is only the first step as any writer knows.  Getting the story to flow the way you want and the characters to not seem muddy is the hard part.  What I thought was going to be a short story seems to be heading into novella range.  All ready past 11K words and it is just opening up.  I’m probably going to put CHB aside for a bit and work on a true short for Halloween.  After all I do good ghost stories and I have an idea starting to force its way out of my head.  If it can get past the headache stage I might get it done by this time next month.  Here is hoping.

Plan on putting up more of the completed work soon.  I need to put up at least one more in the Worlds Apart and the Beyond Realities series.  I figure three of each before I put together paperback versions with a fourth unseen story should work.  Please well since I now have one Nasty Intimacies on Amazon and one Pleasant moments on Smashwords I could probably put up one Naughty interludes on Kobo right?  Kobo has had some movement on Endings..which is good.  And Smashwords…is doing nothing.  I really wonder why I tried over there?  Well okay it does get me in Barnes and Noble and other my name is out there even if it seems to be ignored.

Linell, one of the fun writers over on the SF &F board on Amazon is doing weekly guest shots on her website and will be putting up a short over there.  Another place to have my name seen.  This is a free short so if people are interested they can go over to.

She is a great writer and reviewer.


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