Chilly today

Well it is.  Glad another mom drove me to the store today.

Well Test of Trust, one of my naughty little erotic tales all ready got a paid download.  That is both cool and well odd.  I didn’t really promote it.  So maybe I should post up all the rest of the nasty little things right?  A sale is a sale and I am actually always pleased when people find my work and read it.  Happier still when they review it.

I have started up the website hub for my work.  I figure it is a good idea to have a place where people can go and link to the other pages of stuff.  After all I don’t just sell on Amazon right?  Though I do mostly sell there.

Yesterday I got confused..and I am still.  I was on my smashwords page and looked over at the channel sellers page.  Now I am not sure if it was saying I sold two books to most of them or if they are just listing both titles over there.  A Night of Love had literally just gone up so I am not sure.  I will look back in a week and see if anything is changed.  After all if I am really selling there too that would be good.  Money is money and readers are god.

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