another rainy day? Darn

Well I guess it gives me an excuse to work right?  Yesterday I did more than I realized.  Once my bones stopped bugging me I converted Endings from a ebook to a paperback.  That meant reworking the cover and reformatting the text.  Which was a good thing.  Found a typo I missed in the ebook.   So that will be up in the Createspace page soon.  I figure the next one to get paperback treatment will be Distance.  After all that is a complete collection of short stories right?

Speaking of collections I put the question up to my friends on the discussion boards and people like the idea of me doing paperbacks of my series.  I think it will basically be three all ready published in a series plus one or two that have not been put up.  I plan on setting my paperback prices at $5.99 each.  So not too expensive but a nice little thing for those who like something in their hands.  Now that paperback books are tending toward $10 each I think a good deal.  Course it means making more covers and reformatting everything but that I can do.

Today I started the process of putting a short story up on smashwords.  This time was easier than when I did Knight Protector.  The only real issue I had was getting my cover up.  I had accidentally loaded up the cover meant for amazon, so had to re-size and then find the place to upload the cover.  A Night of Love, the first of the Pleasant Moments erotic short stories is up and pending release in the premium catalog.  Here is hoping this one moves better than Knight Protector has on smashwords.

Deciding right now whether I should put together a cover for Revenge right now.  Getting it up and ready might be a good idea.  After all Endings has started to sell as an ebook on Kobo.  I think once I have a few more sales there I will put Revenge up.  That way it will have the sequel up and ready.

I have Nightmares out to three beta readers right now.  Crossing my fingers that they find the story good and not needing too much in corrections.  I will be cool to get that one out as a book finally.  And yes I will do it as a paperback at the same time as the ebook.  After all novels should be done in both formats right?


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