Time to do some covers

Well yesterday I was out and about and doing a ton of different things.  None of them were really writing related unless getting the kidlet’s eyes checked and getting her glasses is writing related.  I was a tad tired and cold after sitting and waiting for the bus and then doing the food shopping so I vegged.

But today I plan on putting together book covers for the more adult stories I have written.  I figure I can dribble them out between the more literary offerings.  Who knows this time they might sell.

I am doing better this month so far.  When I last checked last night I had 20 paid for sales between Amazon and Kobo.  Death was the Bargain is the most popular with 5 with Endings right behind with 3.  Here is hoping it keeps going.  Once Endings hits a total of 10 downloads I plan on releasing Revenge.  Course that would mean making a cover for it.

I am thinking of doing a paperback version of Endings and Distance.  The longer books.  While the shorts would be cool to see in print, I can’t see someone paying more for what could be as little as 4 pages.

So many things to work on.  I am hoping the people I have asked to be beta readers on Nightmares will answer back with a yes and I can be confident on this one.  I want to release it by that imaginary release date so we will see.  I know paying an editor is a good idea but I can’t justify paying anyone to edit my work while I have only earned about $16 so far.  Writing doesn’t pay well unless you have a marketing machine but it is just so much a part of me.


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