Wet morning

Well other than getting drenched walking the kidlet to school today isn’t so bad.  Just finished reading Rebecca Stroud’s  Devil Moon.  Damn it is a good book.  Gave her a five star review because any book that can make me laugh and cry in the same morning deserves it.

Okay I admit I have been being LAZY the past week.  Watching True blood, reading the most recent Sookie Stackhouse book and now the wonderful Devil’s Moon.  It has been so nice and relaxing to be able to read and catch up on tv shows that I love but no one else in the house does.  I have to type up the notes I had done today and get my bottom in gear on making some cookies.

Did try to take some new photos for book covers, so I will probably play around with making some covers for the erotica.  I figure get those made up and toss a few out there for the readers who prefer sex over substance.  Now I could expand them and add substance but I am not sure that would work right?

It is dark in here at 11:18am so I think a break for a another cup of tea, put on the light and start working.


3 comments on “Wet morning

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