Darn it all

I can not believe that all the stuff I wrote for Daniel doesn’t really fit in the story.  Yes it is good stuff and yes he is now going to have to have his own story but while good it just didn’t feel right for the story with Maeve…darn it all.  Okay so I will just have to keep up on the Maeve storyline.  Daniel is a bit different.  So I will switch the title on Maeve’s tale to something else…since Coffee House Blues really is more Daniel than Maeve.

Started gathering images for book covers yesterday.  Daughter has this marti gras mask that has a huge crack in it and I just had to photograph it to be used in an upcoming cover.  And why not right?  Anything can be a good cover for the odd tales i tell.  Like the fun little plastic dragons I have all over my desk here.  I will work them out for sure.

Well time to cook and maybe watch a little True blood.  After all I need a recharge right now.

BTW the free promos are done for the month.  Didn’t do as well as I hoped but I think that across the boards a lot of people are seeing slower downloads.  I can’t complain with 13 sales so far this month.  That is a good thing right?  I’m going to try and get Endings noticed so I can get Revenge out there.  Not as esoteric as my other stuff but still a good tale that needs readers.


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