A new week a new point of view

I just realized after I typed up all my notes on Coffee House Blues that I had nineteen pages of Maeve’s point of view but I lost Daniel’s somewhere.  So today is going to be about writing up what is gong on with Daniel.  Developing him should be interesting.  He isn’t any more a traditional magic worker than Maeve is but he knows what he is and has had training.  I am trying to decide whether he should be bound to that coffee shop or not.  Now having a mage who has to stay within a certain set area might be interesting.  And it would explain why he isn’t i nthe running for whatever it is that the Fae have planned for Maeve.  I am hoping to only have Harry in the story marginally.  After all he is a busy guy and can’t be keeping track of everything in town right?  I have mentioned him in passing in the story so far.  But you readers will see when I finish this up and publish it.

Speaking of publishing this month is seems any free promos on the weekend are just slow going.  I did better on them during the week.  Which I guess is a good thing.  After all A Watery Grave is going free promo 9/11&9/12.  I want that one to see some good movement.

Got another sale yesterday so I have surpassed last month all ready!  It is rather cool…well to be honest I have to say surpassed my amazon sales.  After all I actually sold a copy of Endings over on Kobo.  Now that surprised me.  I was just about to pull Endings from over there and just have it on Amazon and WHAM!  Now if I could see some movement on Smashwords for Knight Protector.  Slow but steady.  I might not win the race but at least the occasional reader has decided to try out my stuff.  Here is hoping I can see more sales.


3 comments on “A new week a new point of view

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