The sun is back…guess I should work more

Well I did actually work a lot today.  Coffee House Blues is up to 19 pages or 7.5K in words so far.  All typed up and cleaned up.  Took a break to do a little music listening to and reading.  After all a writer does need to read from time to time . They can’t just write all the time.
Sat down to re read The Mystery of Grace by Charles de Lint.  Would say I am a bit more than halfway through it and I remember why I liked this one so much before.  Got to love ghost stories that aren’t told to scare you.  Yeah there are scary bits but this is mostly a woman who died and having to deal with and accept it.  And the idea of ghosts being able to come back into a real body twice a year is a good story telling idea.  I know I have heard of them coming back on Samhaim but not on Beltane eve.  But it makes sense to me.  After all it is the cross quarter time right?

Now CHB is taking place at the end of September at the moment.  Not sure how long it will be but it could go on till Halloween.  Set in Nashua like the Guardian tales but I don’t think Harry will be putting in an appearance here.  I am going to develop Daniel more though.  He is a light weaver.  Now just what one of those is I am still working out.  Maeve, the main character is a tough young woman who doesn’t know everything she can do.  She very well could grow into another type of guardian for the city…but I haven’t decided yet.


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