Time to edit

Okay I have bee na lazy woman long enough.  Yes I wasn’t truly lazy.  I have written notes down for Coffee House Blues, I have typed up three new story idea chapters and a few other little things but it is time to edit.  I have to do what I can over the next three months to get A Fall into Nightmares ready for release.  I realize that a professional edit would be best but I just don’t have the money.  When we get a windfall I just turn it into groceries.

I know how to edit, I know there are sections that should be rewritten a bit here and there.  So I just have to put on my editor hat, no matter how silly it is, and do the job.  Who knows this might be the story to break me out of the barely noticed to the marginally noticed.
Still have a number of other tales to release to the world.  I think I might  do another closer to the middle of the month and then some more in October.  Coffee House looks like it may end up taking place around Halloween.  Which would be a great time to release another story right?



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