OMG sales!

Yeah I have taken the past two days off from writing.  Just watched movies and flogged my stories, answered different comments on my writers panels and then WHAM!  Oh my..A very nice guy just bought one copy each of nine of my stories!  NINE!  Really cool.  Between starting the day with a 5 star review from a serious reviewer/journalist to this sale…my goodness I love today.

Yes I did sit down and work.  I typed up some old notes on story ideas that I had and lost.  Nothing big, just a page or two of things that I can develop in the future.  You readers all know I have a ton of story ideas peculating in my files.  Then for a bit I sat down and wrote out a scene or two on CHB.  Characters are getting interesting for sure.  dragons masquerading as bikers to a light mage who is working as a barista.  Will be a fun story I think.  Not sure how long it will be but who knows right.  Not like I haven’t become slightly known as the short story author.
Had another plea for a novel.  Now if they would just look they would see Endings is a novel length book.  And well Nightmares will be once it is done.  If I keep getting good reviews who knows I might decide to edit it all by myself and post it myself.  We will see right?  I do edit a lot after all.  While writing, during the re read, then again and again.  I am pretty picky of what I want my words to say after all.

Okay time to work on things…what I don’t know but it is a good day for me.


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