Muggy morning for the first day of school

Oh the joys of getting your family up and moving on this day.  Poor hubby has a 13 hour workday today, had to get him up early early.  but fed him a good breakfast and packed him food for lunch and dinner.  He is out the door and now it is time to get the kid moving.  Surpise for me she was up, dressed, combed and ready to go…at 7am!  Oh my.

I can’t believe it is quarter of 8 and she is fed and ready to go.  I know it wont last but we just made sure to find the umbrellas.  Supposed to rain today.  Something I am NOT looking forward to.  After all we have to walk both ways and rain is not at all fun that way.

Looks like I will have time to do reading and writing.  Which I think is good.  I have a bunch of pages I could type up today.  Not sure if I want to or not.  Actually have a bunch of notes I could type up.  I will just get my head on straight after I walk back.  Working on stories is what I should be doing right?

Downloads were slower than slow this weekend.  Now I didn’t expect sales but free stuff usually moves better.  Okay yes it was a holiday weekend in Canada and the US…wonder what made no one in the UK and other European countries go for a free book?  Who knows right?  Maybe the stuff was a tad too weird.  You never know.

Well it could also be the two days only free promos.  But I can always add on more days in October if I want.  Here is hoping that this month will be a great sale month.  I put together a nice little spreadsheet so I can see how well each month is doing and each book.  Last month was not bad for overall total downloads.  Yeah I am so far from being a best seller it isn’t funny but at least my numbers are slowly going up right?

Well the birds are chirping, the sun is out for the moment and I have eaten, so I can sit back and try and watch GMA..if the station would stop dropping out.  Writing later for sure


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