New old story

Since I am done writing Nightmares and I am taking a break before I go on to the editing part thought to dig through my tales and see what I have.  And Coffee House Blues hit me.  Another tale set in Nashua with different characters.  Harry will probably only be in this one on the edges.  After all we have Daniel, a Light Bearer and Maeve, the mysterious woman who moved to town.  Lots of fun stuff set in the southern part of the city.  Nashua is big enough to have different people in charge of the different sections.  Harry of course is in charge of the older parts of town.  Which is the center of the city.

Daniel, who runs a coffee house, is different.  He is not officially a Guardian.    In Nashua only Harry is officially one but he is certainly willing to share the city with those who will take care of things.  I am not sure who I will set up in the North end of town.  There is enough shops, restaurants, malls and complexes to keep a couple of people busy up there.  Then of course we have the Psychic cop Jackson.  We shall see.  I can work on Jackson’s story later.
Still hoping to get Nightmares ready by December but well a real editor cost money.  Even if she is willing to work on the cheap I don’t have a cent to my name yet.  So we will see.
This holiday Monday has me cooking and cleaning and writing.  Pretty much a normal day.  Tomorrow my honey has to work sick hours thanks to one of the managers so he is gone all day and the kiddo goes to school.  So I will probably dive into writing. Or maybe even play my Skylanders Dragon’s Peak pack that I have been good and not opening till I can play without the kid wanting in on it.



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