Tuesday Tuesday

Okay not the most creative title but I have been working.  I edited up 129 pages of Nightmare, tightened up what I had, fixed work choices and added bits here and there.  I have sat down and started the final scenes for the book and just have to get them written up and then typed up, edited and proofed.  Then I can hand it over to the nice woman who offered to proof it for me.  Hope this doesn’t cost me.  I don’t have money to pay a good editor.  Too hard sometimes to be a writer when you are broke.

The story actually flows pretty good.  I was hating the most recent bits as I wrote them but when I went back and re read it I realized it wasn’t that bad.  Just need tweeking.  Which I can do pretty well.

Just spent the last hour updating my publication list on Linkedin.   I didn’t realize I could do that or should do that.  Now I know it is there so done…for the moment.  Supposedly you can see reviews of your work on there which I will look into when I can.  Head is starting to go all achy again.  I may have to take a break and finish up the lemon cream cupcakes first.  Will see.


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