New week too little sleep

Okay yesterday I decided not to work on the writing, not to post and or do much with emails.  To just enjoy a day with my hubby, play video games and relax.  Now either my head decided to make me suffer for not working or the wonderful world of allergies and weather combined to make it so I got maybe an hour of good sleep.  I gave up hours ago and just got up.  So it will be a long day today.

Nothing on the sales or review front yesterday.  It was looking so good too.  I have 11 sales, actual paid for the book sales so far this month.  Well it happens.  People like getting free stuff a bit but doing the paying or reviewing, not so much right now.  Someday I am sure I will see more sales and more reviews.

I am going to read over the c@rp I wrote the past few days and see if I can make it work.  Yeah I don’t like it.  The story is flowing but slowly, sluggishly.  Can’t have that now can I?  I need a decently moving book that will hopefully cause people to comment and tell their friends to read my work.  I hope.  Damn I am not in the best of moods right now.  Once the meds kick in and my face stops feeling like a toothache I am sure I will be in a more positive mood.

Kid goes back to school in a week.  I am both looking forward to it and really not.  Yes having her at school means I can get work done and having the times to get her to and from school breaks up the day so they don’t seem so long. But the ongoing issues of what the teacher expects, the reading trouble my poor baby has and then the rounds of one kid with lice in the school lets send everyone home to be deloused is annoying.  Never mind the trying to find out what she wants to eat for lunch so we don’t get a box full of ick after school.

oh my I am in a whiny mood.  Okay time for something cool and liquid to drink and reading.  Here is hoping I can get at least a few pages typed and edited today.  I’ll blog when my mood improves, if it does.


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